Blackstone Chambers has a long-standing expertise in EU & Competition law and is one of the UK’s leading sets in this field.

EU law

Blackstone Chambers has developed EU law expertise which is unique in its scope and depth. This includes Broadcasting/Media; Jurisdiction and Judgments; Constitutional; Customs; Employment including discrimination and equal pay; Energy; Financial Services; Free Movement of Goods; Services and People; EU Charter rights; Immigration; Intellectual Property; Motor Vehicles; Pesticides; Pharmaceuticals; Public Procurement; Sanctions; Social Security; Sport; State aid; State Liability Claims; Telecommunications; Trade; Utilities; and VAT.

In these cases, members of Blackstone Chambers act on behalf of UK and multinational corporations and for the UK Government, the governments of other EU Member States, European Institutions, and regulators across a wide spectrum of industries, as well as for other public bodies.

Members of Blackstone Chambers have acted in the leading EU law cases in the UK courts and in many of the leading cases in the EU courts which have formed the law for the Union as a whole. Blackstone barristers have worked as referendaires for EU Court judges, as interns in EU institutions and continue to participate in EU law discourse through academic teaching and writing.


Blackstone Chambers barristers have appeared in many of the landmark cases both in domestic and in European Courts. Blackstone Chambers has been at the forefront of regulatory enforcement and private damages actions in the UK. In enforcement cases, its barristers regularly appear for the CMA and the regulators with concurrent powers in the Competition Appeal Tribunal as well as for applicants challenging enforcement decisions. Blackstone’s recognised expertise in jurisdiction issues and commercial litigation has led to its market-leading presence in damages actions. In this area, Blackstone barristers have appeared in every leading case in the High Court and the CAT on behalf of claimants and defendants. 

Blackstone Chambers has specific EU expertise, and its barristers appear regularly before the European Commission and the EU Courts in EU competition cases, representing both the Commission, applicants and interveners. Blackstone barristers have also acted in the competition tribunals of France, Germany and Ireland.

Blackstone Chambers barristers also have a recognised reputation in international competition matters, representing Governments, regulators, claimants and defendants in relation to the competition laws of China, Hong Kong, India, the United States, Brazil, and many Caribbean jurisdictions.

EU & Competition experience

  • Cartels
  • Conflict of laws
  • Environment
  • EU discrimination law
  • Free movement of goods
  • Free movement of people
  • Free movement of services
  • Market investigations
  • Mergers
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Public Procurement
  • Public & Regulatory
  • State aid
  • Tax
  • Telecommunications
  • Trade law

EU & Competition barristers

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