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Andrew Green QC, following the publication in November 2015 of his report on the FSA’s enforcement response to the failure of HBOS, has been appointed ‘Specialist Adviser’ to the Treasury Select Committee, with a team of four juniors from Blackstone Chambers: James Segan, Simon Pritchard, Fraser Campbell and Ajay Ratan. Andrew, assisted by his team, will be providing ad hoc advice to the TSC.

Andrew, in his capacity as Specialist Adviser, has also been asked by the TSC to produce a report on 'Maxwellisation', a topic which continues to be the subject of enormous public concern including in the context of the Chilcot Inquiry. Maxwellisation is the process by which those who stand to be criticised in a public report are given an opportunity to respond to criticisms prior to publication. In producing this report, which will focus particularly on the application of Maxwellisation in cases of public reports covering financial matters, Andrew will lead a team from Blackstone Chambers, comprising joint head of Chambers Tony Peto QC, Pushpinder Saini QC, Fraser Campbell and Ajay Ratan. They will produce a report which sets out (1) what the law requires in terms of Maxwellisation; (2) the typical problems that arise during the process, and; (3) recommendations to ensure the process is fair and proportionate.