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On 16 May the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee held two evidence sessions. The first heard evidence from Andrew Green QC and Fraser Campbell, who are Specialist Advisers to the Committee, on the report by a team from Blackstone Chambers on the practice of ‘Maxwellisation’ in public inquiries. The second heard evidence from Andrew and others on calls for a Financial Services Tribunal to deal with disputes between SMEs and banks. 

The Blackstone team’s ‘Review of Maxwellisation’ analysed the legal requirements for the fair treatment of those criticised in public inquiry reports; identified, in light of evidence from inquiry chairs and others, key practical problems that can arise with the process; and set out a series of Guidelines for use in future inquiries. It is available here.

Andrew was assisted in preparing for the evidence session on SMEs by Shane Sibbel.

The evidence sessions can be viewed online here