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Catherine Callaghan QC has been appointed as a member of the Commonwealth Secretariat Arbitral Tribunal (CSAT), with effect from 25 January 2019 for a term of four years.

The CSAT is charged with deciding any case brought by a member of staff of the Commonwealth Secretariat or any other person who enters into a contract with the Commonwealth Secretariat, which alleges the non-observance of the contract in question. The CSAT is also competent to hear and determine similar applications involving other international or intergovernmental Commonwealth bodies which submit to the jurisdiction of the CSAT. The CSAT has eight members, who are selected by Commonwealth Governments on a regionally representative basis. Judgments of the Tribunal are final and binding and not subject to appeal. The Commonwealth Secretariat, established under the Commonwealth Secretariat Act 1966, is the main institution of the Commonwealth.