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Chambers is delighted to announce that members of Blackstone Chambers have been appointed to The Attorney General’s panels of counsel. The appointments take effect from 2 September 2020.

The following members of Chambers have been appointed:

  • Tom Richards - A panel
  • Shane Sibbel - B panel
  • Celia Rooney – C panel
  • Natasha Simonsen – C panel

The Attorney General’s panels of counsel consist of junior counsel who undertake civil and EU work for all government departments.

The full list of Blackstone Chambers panel members is:

A Panel 

• Iain Steele 

• Hanif Mussa 

• Tom Richards 

B Panel 

• Leona Powell 

• Tristan Jones 

• Naina Patel 

• David Lowe 

• Simon Pritchard 

• Paul Luckhurst 

• Fraser Campbell 

• Jason Pobjoy 

• Shane Sibbel

C Panel 

• Emily Neil 

• Ravi Mehta 

• Tom Coates 

• Ajay Ratan 

• Daniel Cashman 

• George Molyneaux 

• Celia Rooney

• Natasha Simonsen