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Every applicant for pupillage at Blackstone Chambers must complete an assessed mini-pupillage. Our preference is for mini-pupils to come to Chambers sometime in the months up to mid-April of the year they begin their Bar Professional Course (BPC).

Applying for mini pupillage

Blackstone Chambers will be a member of the Pupillage Gateway for applications for pupillage commencing in September 2023. All applications for pupillage must be made through the Gateway. However, in selecting candidates for pupillage we rely heavily on assessed mini-pupillages to provide Chambers with a deeper understanding of a candidate’s abilities and aptitude for a career at the Bar. Since our mini pupillages are assessed and form part of the overall pupillage applications process, we are only able to offer mini pupillages to candidates who are making or plan to make applications for pupillage at Blackstone Chambers commencing in September 2023.

In order to facilitate mini-pupillages for as large a pool of candidates as possible we encourage potential applicants to apply to us as early as possible in the legal year in which they intend to apply for pupillage. This year applications for mini-pupillage may be made to Chambers via our website from 1 October 2021. The mini-pupillage applications window will close on 31 December 2021, shortly before the Pupillage Gateway opens for pupillage applications. After this point, any Gateway applicant for pupillage who has not already applied directly for mini-pupillage will be treated as an applicant for both mini-pupillage and pupillage.

Applications to Chambers for mini-pupillage should be made on our online application form. For information, please see a read-only copy of the form here.

The application form is accompanied by an Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form. You are not obliged to complete the Monitoring Form but we encourage you to do so in order to assist us in assessing the effectiveness of our Equal Opportunities policies and action we are taking to promote equality.

We also encourage you to provide contextual information through the Rare CRS platform.

Mini-pupillage & Pupillage Selection Criteria & Process

Your application form will be assessed by a member, or members, of the Pupillage Committee who will decide whether you should be invited for interview. Their focus will be on: your academic achievements; legal and non-legal employment and work experience relevant to a career at the Bar in general and Blackstone Chambers in particular; written and oral advocacy experience; and your written communication skills.  Please find full details of our selection criteria for mini-pupillage/pupillage available here.

We will try to invite candidates for mini-pupillage to interview as early as possible and we will continue to interview and offer mini-pupillages until mid-April 2022.

Since space in Chambers for mini-pupils is limited, save in exceptional circumstances we will only offer mini-pupillage to those who intend to apply, or have already applied, to Blackstone Chambers for pupillage in the forthcoming or current applications cycle. We welcome repeat applications. However, please note that if you have been unsuccessful previously in an application to Blackstone Chambers, the Pupillage Committee will generally wish to see evidence of positive changes in your application if you are to be a realistic candidate for mini pupillage or pupillage in a later application year.

The purpose of a mini pupillage at Blackstone Chambers

As a mini pupil you will spend three days in Chambers, so that you can gain a useful insight into life at Blackstone Chambers. We presently aim to have mini-pupils on site in Chambers this year, but this is very COVID-19 dependent. We successfully conducted all our mini-pupillages remotely in the previous application round. However, we will keep the situation under review should circumstances change. Please keep checking our website for updates.

You will normally be attached to one or two members of Chambers, but may also  have the opportunity of seeing the work of others. The object of a mini pupillage is for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. You will be asked to undertake a set piece of work immediately before or after the mini pupillage which is common to all candidates in your applications year, and which will be formally assessed by your mini pupil supervisor.

As space in Chambers for mini pupils is limited, please only apply if you are seriously interested in applying to these Chambers for pupillage in the future.


We offer financial assistance of up to £250 in respect of travel and/or out of pocket accommodation expenses incurred by candidates undertaking a mini-pupillage with us. In exceptional circumstances additional funding may be available. Please contact our Chambers Director, Julia Hornor, for information.

References, university certificates and transcripts  

We will not take up references or require university certificates or transcripts until a candidate’s application has progressed through to offer of a mini pupillage.  We will contact you at the relevant time to make this request.

We will require at least two academic references and a copy of your university official documents to be sent direct to [email protected]. We strongly advise that you have contacted your referees and your universities well in advance of this possible requirement so that these supporting documents can be submitted by 10 April 2022 at the latest. Any delay may prejudice the processing of your application.

Julia Hornor

Chambers Director

+44 (0) 207 5831770 Email Julia
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Maggie Day

Pupillage Administrator

+44(0) 207 5831770 Email Maggie
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