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Every applicant for pupillage at Blackstone Chambers must complete an assessed mini-pupillage. Our preference is for mini-pupils to come to Chambers sometime in the months up to mid-April of the year they begin their Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC).

Applying for mini pupillage

Blackstone Chambers is a member of the Pupillage Gateway and all pupillage applications are made through the Gateway. However we place great reliance on the assessed mini pupillage process to allow candidates and Chambers to have a more in depth understanding of abilities and suitability for practice at the Bar.  We therefore require all candidates for pupillage to have undertaken an assessed mini pupillage in these Chambers before the final stage and interview for pupillage is undertaken in late April 2021.  

We encourage all applicants for assessed mini pupillage to apply on line direct to Blackstone Chambers as early as possible after 1st September; the mini pupillage applications window will close in January 2021 (when the Pupillage Gateway opens for applications).   

We will use our best endeavours to process the applications, arrange interviews and schedule any mini pupillages offered in the period between the making of the application and mid-April 2021 (this date has been selected to tie in with the Gateway offers date in May 2021).  

Blackstone Chambers is a member of the Pupillage Gateway.  Please note that any candidate who is successful in obtaining a mini pupillage offer must also complete a Pupillage Gateway application to these Chambers in any event.

The applications window for Pupillage Gateway runs between January and February 2021. Any applicant for pupillage through the Gateway who has not already made an application for mini pupillage direct will be treated as an applicant for both mini pupillage and pupillage.

Though we strongly recommend early applications for mini pupillage, it is a matter for candidates as to when they make their application.  We do recognise that GDL candidates may wish to make applications nearer the end of our mini pupillage applications window. Click here to access our mini pupillage application form.

Mini-pupillage applications are currently closed. If you wish to apply for pupillage at Blackstone Chambers, you will need to apply through the Gateway.

The purpose of a mini pupillage at Blackstone Chambers

As a mini pupil you will spend three days in Chambers, so that you can gain a useful insight into life at Blackstone Chambers.  You will normally be attached to one or two members of Chambers, but will also  have the opportunity of seeing the work of others.  The object of a mini pupillage is for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  You will be asked to undertake a set piece of work immediately before or after the mini pupillage which is common to all candidates in your applications year, which will be formally assessed by your mini pupil supervisor.

As space in Chambers for mini pupils is limited, please only apply if you are seriously interested in applying to these Chambers for pupillage in the future.


Since we insist on an assessed mini pupillage as part of the overall pupillage application process, we offer financial assistance either in respect of out of pocket travel or accommodation expenses incurred in attending the mini pupillage, up to a maximum of £250.


In addition to completion of the online form we ask you to forward at least two academic references direct to at the time of making your initial application to us.  Please note that references are vital and it is your responsibility as an applicant to ensure that they are sent directly to Chambers when you apply. We will not ourselves seek or chase up references if they are missing and this could seriously delay or forestall your application if the references are not supplied to us.  You may supply more references if you wish.

If you are a GDL candidate we ask that you forward at least two references from your previous undergraduate/post-graduate studies. All academic references should be from your undergraduate or postgraduate studies at University. 

Please note, we recommend that you submit your completed application to us as soon as you have contacted your referees, rather than waiting for your references to be sent to us and then submitting your application. This reduces possible delays in processing your application, and means that we will be able to contact you in the event that your references are taking longer than expected to reach us.

*** We presently aim to have mini-pupils on site in Chambers this year, but this is very COVID-19 dependent. We successfully conducted about half our mini-pupillages remotely in the previous application round and we plan to conduct them remotely again if the circumstances change. Please keep checking our Website for updates.