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Blackstone Chambers is a substantial civil law set. Members of Chambers are all self employed and in independent practice at the Bar.

Whilst sharing the costs of offices and administration, barristers do not share in profits of liabilities. Each practitioner is registered with the Bar Council; practicing details are available to view on the Barristers’ Register maintained by the Bar Standards Board.

Professional indemnity insurance

All practising barristers in these Chambers maintain (as a minimum) professional liability insurance provided by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund, managed by the Bar Mutual Management Company, 90 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4ST. Territorial coverage is worldwide, subject to the terms of cover of the Bar Mutual.

Each barrister is VAT registered. Details are available for individuals on each barrister CV page.


Chambers is governed by a written constitution. Heads of Chambers are elected for a fixed five year term. The current Heads of Chambers are Monica Carss-Frisk QC and Tony Peto QC. 

A Chambers Management Committee is also directly elected, with a variety of functional committees operating to cover specific areas of Chambers' administration.


We are very keen to ensure that the service we offer, whether by a practising member of chambers or by a member of the administrative staff, is of the highest quality. We welcome feedback from solicitors and lay clients and, should we receive any complaint, it will be taken very seriously.  If you should have any concerns about any administrative or other matters in Chambers, please raise them with either Julia Hornor, our Chambers Director, or Gary Oliver, our Senior Clerk.

If you wish to invoke our complaints procedure, it can be viewed or downloaded above.

Client confidentiality and conflicts policy

We also recognise the absolute importance of client confidentiality.  Members of Chambers and staff are fully cognisant of the duty to keep the affairs of each client confidential (Core Duty 6 of the Bar Standards Board’s Handbook and rC89.5).

Blackstone Chambers is a substantial civil law set and due to the number of specialist counsel in these Chambers, we are often instructed for multiple parties to a case.   We have for many years, therefore, maintained a properly formulated conflicts policy which operates where these circumstances occur. 

Please contact Julia Hornor for more information about our policy and procedures if required.