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A settlement with Petra Diamonds Ltd has been agreed on behalf of 71 claimants who allege that they suffered serious human rights abuses at the Williamson Diamond Mine in Tanzania.

The claimants allege that they (and/or their deceased family members) were the victims of human rights abuses by security personnel employed or contracted by the Williamson Diamond Mine and by police who work at and around the Mine.

The settlement followed the issue of claims in the High Court in London against Petra Diamonds Ltd and its majority-owned Tanzanian subsidiary, Williamson Diamonds Ltd. The settlement includes provision for the payment of compensation to the victims, a fund to support community projects in the vicinity of the Williamson Mine, a medical support programme, and the establishment of an independent Operational-level Grievance Mechanism.

Further information is available here.

Tim Otty QC, Naina Patel, George Molyneaux and Isabel Buchanan acted for the Claimants, instructed by Daniel Leader and Matthew Renshaw of Leigh Day.

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