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An independent Disciplinary Commission has declared that a three-point deduction imposed on Morecambe Football Club for the 2023/24 season has been automatically activated. A previous Agreed Decision dated 17 August 2023 concerned a failure to pay players’ wages on time. The Club’s ultimate beneficial owner, Jason Whittingham, was required by that decision (i) to deposit a certain amount into a designated Club account only to be used (if required) to pay players’ wages in future; and (ii) to maintain the balance in that account. A three-point deduction was suspended. Following a failure to comply with that decision by not replenishing the relevant account after funds in it were used to pay wages, the Commission held that the suspended three-point deduction has been activated.

Mr Whittingham was also fined £10,000, payable immediately. A suspended fine of £20,000 was also imposed on him, to be activated on 31 May 2024, unless by then he complies with the obligation to replenish the account.

Robert Weekes KC acted for the EFL and David Lowe acted for the Club and Mr Whittingham.

The Decision and statement by the EFL are available here.

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