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An independent Panel of the IAAF Ethics Board partially upheld charges against the President of the UAE Athletics Federation and former World Athletics (previously IAAF) Council member, Ahmad Al Kamali. The Panel imposed a sanction upon Mr Al Kamali of a ban from the sport for 6 months, fined him €5,000 and ordered him to pay €15,000 in costs.

Mr Al Kamali was found to have given Continental brand watches (but not Rolex watches) as gifts to electors or potential electors in the context of the IAAF elections in Beijing in August 2015, in which Mr Al Kamali was standing as a candidate for IAAF office. The Panel found that the watches were of more than nominal value, which contravened applicable rules that IAAF officials should not give gifts of more than nominal value. The Panel also found that Mr Al Kamali’s conduct in giving such gifts was inconsistent with the requirement that candidates act with dignity and respect for their opponents and the prohibition against the giving of gifts to parties who would vote in or otherwise influence the result of an election.

Gemma White QC was the independent Investigator appointed by the IAAF Ethics Board to investigate the allegations against Mr Al Kamali.

Kate Gallafent QC acted as prosecutor in the subsequent adjudicatory proceedings before a Panel of the IAAF Ethics Board. 

Please click here to read the full judgment.

 The IAAF Ethics Board is made up of ten members and is chaired by Michael Beloff QC.  The Ethics Board is supported in its work by three legal secretaries, Tom Mountford, Jana Sadler-Forster and Natasha Simonsen.  

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