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The EU Council has revoked the sanctions which designated the late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his family.  This follows an earlier decision of the UK not to include the Mubarak family in the UK sanctions list, and a decision of the Court of Justice in December 2020 annulling the sanctions for the periods 2016-2018: see further here.

A copy of the press release of the EU Council is available here.

Brian Kennelly QC and Jason Pobjoy have been advising the Mubarak family since 2013, with Guy Martin, Charles Enderby Smith, Fran├žois Holmey and Magali Sharma of Carter Ruck.

Brian and Jason have extensive expertise in challenging and advising on EU and international asset-freezing sanctions, and are recognised as leading sanctions lawyers in the EU. They have represented over 30 individuals and entities in over a dozen challenges to asset-freezing regimes before the General Court of the EU and the Court of Justice. Many of their recent cases have resulted in the de-listing of the sanctioned individuals. They also have considerable experience in advising on sanctions compliance issues, and have acted in a number of the leading domestic cases concerning compliance with US, EU and other international sanctions.

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