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On 15 December 2023 Mr Justice Fancourt handed down judgment in The Duke of Sussex and Others v MGN limited [2023] EWHC 3217 (Ch), following the trial of four test claims in the Mirror Newspapers Hacking Litigation.

The four test Claimants alleged they were subjected to voicemail interception through the hacking of their phones and those of their associates and other forms of unlawful information gathering between 1991 and 2011. Two of the claims raised important issues of limitation with wider implications for other claimants.

In claims where limitation was in issue MGN’s limitation defence succeeded in full, and the claims were dismissed. Of the others, the Court found the Duke of Sussex’s claim to be proved only in part; and the claim of Michael Turner was found to be proved only to a limited extent.

MGN were represented by Andrew Green KC and Harry Adamson

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