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Welcome to the twelfth episode of the Sports Law Podcast and our second recording at Wembley Stadium Campus. This episode is presented in collaboration with University Campus of Football Business (UCFB), its Global Institute of Sport (GIS), the University of Amsterdam, and the European Football Agents Association.

Join Nick De Marco KC as he moderates a further insightful discussion on the regulation of football agents and the practical considerations of FIFA's Agents Regulations in “An Industry on Fire: The search for effective agent regulation in the international transfer business”.

The expert panel of international lawyers and agents comprises:

Jan van Baal, Owner of JB Sports

Fahri Ecvet, COO at Global Football, Boxing and Rugby, Wasserman

Raffaele Rigitano, Vice President of AIACS

Bruno Satin, President of B&S Partners Football Consulting; Board member, EFAA

Kelly Skeggs, COO and General Counsel at OmniSports

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