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The High Court has handed down an interesting judgment on the scope of the torts of inducing a breach of contract and unlawful means conspiracy. The judgment followed an application by Perform Content Services Limited – a sports betting company – for strike out and summary judgment of claims brought against it by IMG Data Limited. The Court considered the extent to which a party might rely on its rights under foreign law as a third party beneficiary to a contract for a claim in inducement, as well as the extent to which the so-called dealing requirement (recognised in respect of the tort of causing loss by unlawful means) might be read across to the tort of unlawful means conspiracy. The Court recognised that both issues involved developing areas of law, and refused to strike out IMG Data’s claims.

Kieron Beal KC, Celia Rooney and Aislinn Kelly-Lyth represented the successful respondent, IMG Data Limited.

The judgment may be found here.

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