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TCS Combined Solutions Ltd ran a subscription service called ‘DiscountMeDirect’. The service offered discount codes and voucher alerts to consumers. This operated at two different price points: a maximum of two £2.50 messages per week on one shortcode, or a maximum of three £1.50 messages per week on other shortcodes. Complainants told the PSA that they had received text messages from the TCS without opting in to the service.

Following an oral hearing, the Tribunal found that TCS had committed eight breaches of the PSA Code of Practice. These breaches included failing to get consent to charge some consumers and failing to send them spend reminders. The Tribunal reprimanded TCS, issued them a £885,000 fine and banned the company from the market for three years. It also ordered TCS to refund all customers who claim one.

Jessica Boyd acted for the Phone-paid Services Authority.

A copy of the decision can be found here.

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